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Andy P.

Owner and editor

Andy Porse is an avid outdoorsman, having travelled the world for outdoor adventures, but also loves to observe the wildlife of his own backyard!
Andy holds a PhD in biological science and loves writing nerdy articles about funky animals, hiking gear and their material properties!

Björn L.


Björn Larsen, an outdoor enthusiast from Norway, is the adventurous blog author at OutlifeExpert.com. Raised amidst Norway’s breathtaking mountains and fjords, Björn’s passion for nature shines through his captivating tales of summer hikes and thrilling winter skiing and snowboarding escapades.

William J.


William Johns is a passionate biologist and field working scientist, dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of tropical ecosystems. As the blog author at OutlifeExpert, he shares his expertise and deep love for the outdoors, providing valuable insights into wildlife and the wonders of nature.

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  • 10 Quietest Sleeping Pads For Backpacking In 2024!

    10 Quietest Sleeping Pads For Backpacking In 2024!

    I admit it. I am a light sleeper and I hate when people are snoring or otherwise making noises during the night. I enjoy the soft sounds of the outdoors, but I hate synthetic man-made noises and especially when caused by my own gear! Therefore I set out on a journey to find the absolute…

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  • Blue Jay VS Cardinal: Do They Get Along?

    Blue Jay VS Cardinal: Do They Get Along?

    The Blue Jay and the northern cardinal are both brightly colored, charismatic birds featured as sports mascots and state icons in North America. Both are common birds in urban gardens throughout Southeastern Canada, and eastern and central United States.

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Latest posts

  • Do Crabs Eat Phytoplankton?

    Do Crabs Eat Phytoplankton?

    Growing up on the coast, I spent many summers exploring tide pools and observing the fascinating marine life that called them home. I was particularly drawn to crabs, with their interesting exoskeletons and unique movements. Naturally, I became curious about their eating habits—especially whether or not they eat phytoplankton. So, I embarked on a quest…

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  • Do Moles Eat Termites? (Answered!)

    Do Moles Eat Termites? (Answered!)

    Hello there! As a proud garden owner, I always try to keep my lawn green and healthy. But in doing so, I’ve encountered a few problems with pesky critters that love to dig holes and eat roots. Yes, moles do eat termites. Moles are insectivores, primarily feeding on insects, grubs, and worms found in the…

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  • Do Moles Eat Tulip Bulbs? (Here’s what to do about it!)

    Do Moles Eat Tulip Bulbs? (Here’s what to do about it!)

    Moles are cute little animals that can be a delight to watch in your backyard. However, if you are an avid gardener, you may have a love-hate relationship with these creatures. Yes, moles can eat tulip bulbs. However, they primarily consume insects and worms. To protect your tulip bulbs, consider using physical barriers like wire…

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  • What Animals Eat Hydrangeas?

    What Animals Eat Hydrangeas?

    Hydrangeas are beautiful flowering shrubs that are popular with gardeners. Hydrangeas are primarily consumed by herbivorous animals such as deer, rabbits, and groundhogs. Additionally, some insects like aphids, spider mites, and Japanese beetles may feed on hydrangea leaves and flowers. To protect your hydrangeas, consider using fencing, repellents, or introducing natural predators to control the…

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  • Do Groundhogs Eat Hostas Flowers?

    Do Groundhogs Eat Hostas Flowers?

    As a garden owner, it’s natural to want to protect your plants from any potential threats. One common question that many gardeners ask is whether groundhogs eat hostas or not. Yes, groundhogs do eat hostas. They are known to consume various plants, and hostas are among their preferred choices due to their tender leaves and…

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  • Do Groundhogs Eat Pumpkins?

    Do Groundhogs Eat Pumpkins?

    As a backyard gardener, I have often wondered if groundhogs eat pumpkins. Yes, groundhogs do eat pumpkins. They are known to consume various parts of the pumpkin plant, including the leaves, stems, and the fruit itself. To protect your pumpkins from groundhogs, consider using fencing, repellents, or live traps to deter or relocate these animals.…

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