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  • 600D VS 900D Nylon (Differences Explained!)

    600D VS 900D Nylon (Differences Explained!)

    When it comes to choosing the right material for our gear, whether it’s a backpack, luggage, or even clothing, we often find ourselves stuck between two popular choices:600D and 900D nylon. The main difference between 600D and 900D nylon is the thickness and strength of the fibers, with 900D being the stronger and more durable…

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  • What Is 900D Material?

    What Is 900D Material?

    900D material is a durable and high-quality fabric used in various applications, including luggage, backpacks, and outdoor gear. When talking about “900D”, polyester or nylon or variants of these two synthetic fabrics are often ment. These have many charactereistics in common, so we will adress them as one in this post. Both are known for…

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  • How Big Is A 20L Backpack? (Do You Need It?)

    How Big Is A 20L Backpack? (Do You Need It?)

    A 20L backpack is a medium-sized bag that can typically hold up to 20 liters (1,200 cubic inches) of gear. It is often considered the perfect size for day trips, short hikes, and everyday use. With its compact design and versatile storage options, a 20L backpack can be your go-to bag for various outdoor activities…

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