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7 Best Outdoor Waterproof Blankets: Your Ultimate Guide for All-Weather Picnics




Spending time outdoors, whether it’s picnicking in the park, camping in the wilderness, or simply lounging in the backyard, is a cherished activity for many. However, unpredictable weather and damp ground conditions can often pose a challenge to comfort and enjoyment.

Outdoor waterproof blankets are designed to provide a dependable solution to this problem. Crafted to keep moisture at bay, these blankets ensure a dry seating area, making them essential for any outdoor excursion.

Our top choice is the AlphaBeing Outdoor Blanket as it brings quality materials like 40D nylon and marino wool at a very reasonable weight and price tag.

The key considerations when selecting an outdoor waterproof blanket include material durability, water resistance, and ease of cleaning. Durability is essential because outdoor blankets must withstand rough surfaces and frequent use.

Water-resistant and waterproof materials like polyester and nylon with protective coatings are preferred choices, ensuring the blanket remains impervious to wet grass or soil. Additionally, ease of cleaning is a practical concern, as outdoor blankets are prone to getting dirty.

Look for options that are machine washable or easy to wipe clean for hassle-free maintenance.

Size and portability are also crucial factors. A sufficiently large blanket will accommodate groups and family outings, while compact, lightweight designs that include carrying straps or bags enhance portability for hikers and travelers. Finally, comfort should not be overlooked, with softness and padding offering relaxation for extended periods of sitting or lying down.

Through extensive research and field testing, we have identified a selection of outdoor waterproof blankets that stand out for their quality, functionality, and comfort. Join us as we explore these top contenders to help you find the perfect waterproof blanket for your next outdoor adventure.

Top Waterproof Outdoor Blankets

We understand the importance of staying dry and comfortable during your outdoor adventures. Whether you’re picnicking in the park, camping in the wilderness, or watching a sports game, a reliable waterproof outdoor blanket is essential.

That’s why we’ve curated a list of the best options on the market, ensuring you can enjoy the great outdoors no matter the weather. Our selections prioritize durability, waterproofing, and comfort, so you can choose with confidence and make the most of your time outside.

1. AlphaBeing Outdoor Blanket

AlphaBeing Waterproof Outdoor Blanket

If you’re in search of a reliable companion for diverse outdoor scenarios that keeps you warm and dry, this blanket should be on your list.


  • Exceptional water and wind resistance increases comfort in unpredictable weather.
  • High-quality merino wool blend offers impressive warmth, making it perfect for chilly evenings.
  • Multipurpose design includes a cape clasp and pockets, enhancing its utility for various activities.


  • At 3.1 pounds, it may be a tad heavy for those who prioritize ultra-lightweight gear.
  • Some may find the storage bag’s size large, especially if they are trying to save space.
  • Despite its durability, nylon fabric may be less breathable compared to other materials.

Our outdoor exploits recently benefitted from the inclusion of the AlphaBeing waterproof blanket. We found the merino wool to be a godsend, providing that extra layer of warmth without being overly bulky. The robust 40D nylon exterior reminds us of high-quality tents, easily shrugging off dampness and gusts that would’ve chilled us to the bone otherwise.

During our last backpacking trip, this blanket proved to be invaluable. Not only did it keep us warm as an extra layer under starlit skies, but its water resistance meant morning dew wasn’t an issue. Its size is generous enough for snug gatherings around the campfire, yet it packs down into a handy bag when it’s time to hit the trails again.

We particularly appreciated the thoughtful additions like the cape clasp. It’s a simple feature that freed up our hands when we needed to move around without sacrificing warmth. Plus, the zippered pocket came in handy for stashing valuables, sparing us any worries about misplacing small items in the great outdoors.

Even though it’s one of the lightest we have tested, some may want something lighter still for rigorous hikes. We find the slight added weight a fair trade for the warmth and protection it affords. Overall, the versatility and functional design of this AlphaBeing blanket make it our top choice, especially for anyone serious about their outdoor comfort.

2. Tirrinia Sherpa Fleece Blanket

Tirrinia Outdoors Waterproof Blanket

We recommend the Tirrinia Sherpa Fleece Blanket as your go-to choice for staying cozy and dry during your outdoor escapades.


  • Exceptionally warm due to the Sherpa fleece lining
  • Waterproof and windproof, providing great weather protection
  • Easily portable when folded and comes with a convenient handle


  • Bulkier than some alternatives, so it’s not the lightest option
  • Best suited for cooler weather, might be too warm for summer months
  • The waterproof side has a more rugged texture, which may not appeal to everyone

On our last camping trip, the Tirrinia Sherpa Fleece Blanket became an instant hit. Its luxurious fleece made chilly evenings by the lake a warmer experience, and its waterproof surface was perfect for dewy mornings.

This blanket isn’t just for camping; we’ve found it indispensable at sports events and concerts. Its windproof qualities meant we could cheer on our team in comfort, without the biting wind ruining our fun.

Admittedly, the blanket does have some heft to it, which makes it less ideal for long treks. All in all, if you’re looking for a reliable, cozy outdoor blanket that can withstand elements, the Tirrinia Sherpa Fleece Blanket should be on your list.

3. Tirrinia Outdoor Blanket

Tirrinia Waterproof Outdoor Blanket

We believe the Tirrinia Waterproof Outdoor Blanket is a solid choice for anyone seeking comfort during their outdoor ventures, thanks to its impressive warmth and waterproof features.


  • Supreme warmth from the Sherpa lining, ideal for chilly weather
  • Water-resistant exterior protects against dampness
  • Conveniently folds with Velcro, perfect for transport and storage


  • At 51” x 59”, it may be too snug for some larger groups
  • Machine wash care might not suit those preferring hand washing options
  • Originating from China could raise concerns for those seeking locally-made products

When wrapping up in the Tirrinia blanket during a brisk stadium game, we immediately noticed the cozy warmth afforded by the substantial Sherpa lining. The wind didn’t stand a chance against the protective materials. It’s like a warm embrace that shields you from the chilling breezes.

During a spontaneous picnic, the waterproof backing proved its worth, keeping the damp grass at bay while we comfortably enjoyed our meal. Cleaning up afterward was just a matter of folding it up with the built-in Velcro, a feature that adds to its practicality when on the move. Our day at the beach confirmed its resistive qualities as the blanket remained impervious to the encroaching tide and sand.

Even when bringing our loyal canine companion along for an outdoor concert, we took pleasure in the fact that a quick machine wash was all it took to refresh the blanket after he’d made himself quite at home on it. The versatility of the Tirrinia Outdoor Blanket makes it a jewel for outdoor enthusiasts.

4. REDCAMP Waterproof Blanket

REDCAMP Waterproof Blanket

We think this REDCAMP blanket is a great choice for keeping cozy during our outdoor adventures, thanks to its waterproof and windproof features.


  • Keeps us warm and dry, even on damp grass or chilly bleachers
  • Very lightweight and compact, making it a breeze to carry on any day trip
  • Machine-washable fabric simplifies cleaning after use


  • At 2.16lbs, it’s not the lightest option for long hikes
  • The large size might be cumbersome for solo travelers to handle
  • May be too bulky for minimalists or for those attending festivals

Our recent outing to the park tested the REDCAMP blanket’s waterproof abilities and it didn’t disappoint; we stayed dry as we watched the clouds roll by. Its generous size offered ample room for us and our picnic gear, making it a good choice for day trips. We appreciated the convenience of the anti-slip loops that kept the blanket secure over our shoulders as we moved around.

Compared to our friend’s blanket, which quickly soaked through from the damp grass, the REDCAMP blanket proved its worth. After using it on a chilly evening, we were glad for its windproof qualities that shielded us from the breeze while waiting for the stars to appear.

Packing up was just as simple as setting up. We folded the blanket into its carry bag, and it fit into our pack without a hassle. Later, washing it at home was effortless—into the machine it went, and it came out looking as new, ready for our next adventure.

5. SUITEDNOMAD Large Stadium Blanket


We believe that the SUITEDNOMAD’s versatility and durability make it a top pick for anyone looking to stay cozy and dry outdoors.


  • Resists all weather with its waterproof and windproof design
  • Maintains warmth effectively with its high-density fleece
  • Highly portable with its easy fold-and-carry feature


  • The warmth may be too much for mild climates
  • Some might find it bulkier compared to lighter options
  • The initial chemical smell typically fades after airing out.

After wrapping ourselves in the SUITEDNOMAD blanket during a crisp evening, its plush fleece enticed us into a state of comfort, almost making us forget about the nippy air. Its significant size provided ample coverage for us and our gear, ensuring everything stayed dry thanks to its waterproof shield. We unfolded the blanket with ease right out of its portable bag, quickly setting up our cozy haven.

We’ve come to appreciate the durability of this blanket after several uses in diverse conditions. The water-resistant feature didn’t falter, even when faced with damp grass or unexpected drizzle that would have soaked through lesser fabrics. And when the wind started to pick up, we were grateful for the wind-blocking side that shielded us effectively.

Sitting around a campfire, we relied on the SUITEDNOMAD blanket to keep us toasty and comfortable. Cleaning it was a breeze—it came out of the wash looking as good as new, thankfully free of any smoke smell thanks to its odor resistance. Whether we used it as a picnic mat or as an extra layer in the tent, its multifunctionality was a constant advantage.

The SUITEDNOMAD blanket even proved itself during a spontaneous beach day, resisting the sand and wind effortlessly. We noticed how the dense fleece insulated us from the cold ground and the moisture barrier kept the dampness at bay, letting us enjoy the seaside without the chill.

6. Dagmi Outdoors Sherpa Blanket

Dagmi Outdoors Sherpa Blanket

We found this blanket to be an exceptional companion for our outdoor escapades, providing warmth and dryness in various conditions.


  • Superbly warm with its sherpa lining
  • Effectively windproof and waterproof
  • Conveniently machine washable


  • Slightly heavier compared to lighter throws
  • May not be warm enough for extreme cold
  • Available in one size only

On our latest outing, we wrapped ourselves in the Dagmi Outdoors Sherpa Blanket as the temperatures dropped and were pleasantly surprised at how cozy we felt. The sherpa side offered a soft, plush surface that made relaxing on the chilly ground much more enjoyable. Sitting by the campfire, the blanket provided ample warmth, and we appreciated the extra thickness of the material.

When the winds picked up, the blanket stood its ground – a testament to its windproof claim. We love that it doesn’t just shield us from a cool breeze but also serves as a barrier against damp grass and unexpected drizzles, thanks to its waterproof side.

The generous size of this blanket was enough to keep us comfortably covered, yet it still packed down into its carry bag without much fuss – making it a staple in our gear. After a weekend of roughing it out, we were relieved that cleaning was as simple as tossing it into the washing machine. It came out looking as good as new, which speaks volumes about its durability.



We think this blanket is a solid pick for anyone looking to stay cozy and dry during their outdoor adventures.


  • Exceptionally warm with 350 gsm fleece
  • Waterproof and windproof for harsh weather
  • Includes a secret pocket for valuables


  • Heavier than similar products
  • Fleece side may collect debris
  • May be too bulky for lightweight travel

Having just come back from a weekend getaway, we can confidently share that the DOWN UNDER OUTDOORS Blanket has been an exceptional companion. No evening chill was a match for its thick fleece, and when the ground was damp from an afternoon rain, the waterproof backing kept us comfortably dry.

Our outing involved a fair amount of walking to find the perfect picnic spot. Admittedly, at 3.1 pounds, the blanket’s weight was noticeable. However, we appreciated the added heft when the wind picked up, and the blanket stayed firmly in place instead of flapping wildly like lighter options might.

We noticed that after laying the fleece side down a couple of times, it did pick up some twigs and leaves, but a quick shake was all it took to tidy it up. The waterproof and windproof capabilities of this blanket proved themselves repeatedly, shielding us from a brisk seaside breeze and the unpredictable wet ground.

When we needed to safeguard our phones and keys, the hidden pocket in the DOWN UNDER OUTDOORS Blanket was a thoughtful touch. Gathering our things and rolling up the blanket was a breeze, and the strap and stuff sack made for neat storage in the trunk.

Our crew agrees that while not ideal for those who prioritize traveling light, this blanket is top-notch for car camping, sports events, or a cozy night under the stars. It’s become a treasured piece of our outdoor kit, and we’re already looking forward to bringing it along on many future excursions.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best outdoor waterproof blanket, we need to consider several essential features to ensure we make a wise investment. Here is a structured guide to help you navigate the choices.

Material and Waterproofing

The primary consideration is the material:

Size and Portability

  • Size: Make sure it’s large enough for your needs but not too bulky when folded.
  • Portability: A blanket that comes with a carrying strap or bag adds convenience.

Weight and Warmth

Consider the weight and intended use:

  • Lightweight: Suitable for summer picnics or concerts.
  • Heavier Weight: Better for colder conditions or uneven terrain.

Durability and Maintenance

  • Durability: Look for reinforced corners and edges to ensure longevity.
  • Maintenance: Easy-to-clean options save time. A machine-washable blanket is ideal.

Additional Features

  • Corner Loops: Useful for staking down on windy days.
  • Pockets: Can be handy for storing personal items.

By prioritizing these features, we can ensure our outdoor experiences remain comfortable and dry. Here’s a quick reference table:

FeatureWhat to Look For
MaterialWaterproof, durable outer and soft inner layers
Size & PortabilityBig enough for your needs, easy to carry
Weight & WarmthAppropriate for the season and use
Durability & MaintenanceReinforced edges, easy to clean
Extra FeaturesCorner loops, pockets

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