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Do Monkeys Eat Chocolate? (Answered!)




Monkeys in the wild like to eat fruits but do not normally encounter candy. However, they would eat it if they had a chance, but it is not good for them.

They do like chocolate (or cocoa fruits in the wild) and it has the same effects, including that of caffeine and sugar, on monkeys as it does on humans.

Although monkeys instinctively like chocolate, it is very important not to feed it to them as it will ruin their health!

Do Monkeys Like to Eat Chocolate?

Monkeys love chocolate because it reminds them of ripe fruit (which it theoretically is)! In fact, they love it so much that even a small taste can make them go crazy.

They like chocolate so much that they would probably eat more than one piece in a sitting. It wouldn’t be hard for them to out-eat most people when it comes to chocolate, but as for us humans, it is not good for them.

Monkeys are omnivores, which means they eat both meat and plants.

Watch this monkey eat chocolate.

Although most monkeys like sweet food, there are over 100 types of monkeys and they all eat different things there is not enough evidence to state that all monkeys like chocolate or cocoa.

This is true especially if the monkeys do not live in the area where cocoa plants are grown.

Would Monkeys Eat Chocolate Ice Cream?

Monkeys would most definitely eat chocolate ice cream! However, it’s probably best to avoid feeding them too much if you don’t want them bouncing around all day. Monkeys that are given the opportunity to eat chocolate will gorge themselves on it until they become sick.

They like eating chocolate ice cream because of the sugar and fat. Some say that when a monkey has chocolate ice cream it is the equivalent of a human eating ice cream, but it is likely more enjoyable for a monkey to eat fruits from its native diet.

Monkeys also like to play with their food, so a bowl of ice cream will keep them entertained for quite a while!

However, too much of a good thing can be bad! It’s not recommended that you feed your monkey too much chocolate ice cream. They may start having diarrhea, vomiting, or other stomach problems.

What Does Chocolate Do to Monkeys?

Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine which are stimulants. Chocolate has the same effect on monkeys as it does on people.

Monkeys that eat too much chocolate will become hyperactive and then possibly tired. If a monkey eats too much chocolate it will start to shake and get really excited. Then the body temperature and blood pressure may rise and cause other problems in the long run.

The negative effects of chocolate on monkeys can be the same as in people, such as high blood pressure and even death. Therefore, chocolate should not be given to monkeys and is also way too expensive to serve as their stable food.

In addition, the sugar in chocolate will potentially cause dental problems leading to cavities in the monkey’s teeth.

Do Monkeys Eat Cocoa in The World?

Some people believe that monkeys were the first ones to discover cocoa, the fruit which is used to make chocolate. Monkeys would eat the juicy part of the cocoa fruit, but not the beans which is where most of the raw material for chocolate is found.

Indigenous people may have seen monkeys eating the beans and been inspired to try some themselves. Once they realized that you can make a delicious drink from those little jewels, it didn’t take long before humans figured out how to process them so we could enjoy chocolate as well!

Monkeys would enjoy cocoa fruit because it is sweet and has a very rich flavor. Some monkeys like the pulp of the cocoa fruit, while others like to chew on the big seed inside instead. The seeds were left to regrow into cocoa trees, which made it possible to harvest them for drinking chocolate.

Can Gorillas Eat Chocolate?

Apes, like gorillas and chimpanzees, love eating chocolate! Although it’s not good for them to eat too much, they will always want more. They especially like chocolate because of the caffeine in it.

Although gorillas are primarily herbivores, they have been seen hunting and eating meat when given the opportunity. Like most other animals in the wild, gorillas spend almost all day searching for food.

As for monkeys, they love sweet stuff because they have evolved to like the sweetness of fruits. This makes sense when you think about how we as humans are closely related to apes and have similar taste preferences.  

After a day of searching for their favorite plants, gorillas, when given chocolate by humans, will eat it even though they are full. It is very rare for them to turn down food, regardless of how unhealthy it is!

Can Orangutans Eat Chocolate?

Orangutans are also apes and they love eating chocolate! Although they are primarily herbivores, orangutans will eat anything that is available. Their diet consists mostly of fruit and leaves, but the occasional insect may find its way into their mouth as well.

They will eat chocolate if they are given by humans or they come across it in the field. Although they are generally not too interested in eating food that is given to them by humans, their curiosity gets the best of them when it comes to chocolate.


Most monkeys eat a variety of fresh vegetation, fruits, insects and. Some types of monkeys also eat small amounts of eggs, birds, frogs, and rodents.

Many human food items are either transformed into other foods (e.g. by cooking), or fermented like chocolate is, so it is not natural for monkeys to eat chocolate or other candies.  

Monkeys may like chocolate and ice cream but too much is bad for them. Monkeys can eat cocoa fruit or beans, and they may even like the caffeine in it.

Gorillas and Orangutans also love eating chocolate! Too much of a good thing is never good for anyone, so never feed a monkey chocolate!

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