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Birds Starting With the Letter G (Complete List!).




Stuck in a crossword puzzle or just interested in the many fascinating birds starting with the letter G out there? You have come to the right place!

Some of the most common names of birds beginning with a g are “Grey”, “Green”, “Great”, or “Gold(en)”. See the lists below for more than a hundred birds from each category:

Birds Starting with “Grey”Birds Starting with “Green”Birds Starting with “Great”Birds Starting with “Gold”
Grey-fronted HoneyeaterGreen AracariGreat AntpittaGold-billed Magpie
Grey-capped GreenfinchGreen AvadavatGreat AntshrikeGold-naped Finch
Grey-rumped SwiftletGreen BarbetGreat ArgusGold-ringed Tanager
Grey GoshawkGreen Bee-eaterGreat AukGold-whiskered Barbet
Grey-headed KiteGreen BroadbillGreat BarbetGoldbreast Indigobird
Grey-cheeked NunletGreen CatbirdGreat BitternGoldcrest
Grey-crowned Palm-TanagerGreen CochoaGreat Black-HawkGolden Babbler
Grey CrowGreen CrombecGreat Black-backed GullGolden Bowerbird
Grey-crowned MuniaGreen FigbirdGreat Black-headed or Pallas’s GullGolden Bulbul
Grey Tit-FlycatcherGreen HermitGreat Blue HeronGolden Bush-Robin
Grey-breasted MartinGreen HeronGreat Blue TuracoGolden Cuckooshrike
Grey-hooded AttilaGreen HoneycreeperGreat BowerbirdGolden Dove
Grey-headed AlbatrossGreen HyliaGreat BustardGolden Eagle
Grey-headed NegrofinchGreen IbisGreat CormorantGolden Greenbul
Grey-bellied AntbirdGreen Imperial-PigeonGreat Crested FlycatcherGolden Monarch
Grey-breasted SpiderhunterGreen IndigobirdGreat Crested GrebeGolden Myna
Grey WoodpeckerGreen IoraGreat Crested-Tern or Crested TernGolden Nightjar
Grey-hooded ParakeetGreen JayGreat Cuckoo-DoveGolden Palm Weaver
Grey Silky-flycatcherGreen JeryGreat CurassowGolden Parakeet
Grey-crowned BabblerGreen JunglefowlGreat Dusky SwiftGolden Parrotbill
Grey-crowned FlycatcherGreen KingfisherGreat Eared-NightjarGolden Pheasant
Grey-backed TailorbirdGreen LongtailGreat EgretGolden Pipit
Grey Go-away-birdGreen Magpie Great ElaeniaGolden Swallow
Grey LongbillGreen ManakinGreat FrigatebirdGolden Tanager
Grey-bellied CometGreen MangoGreat GrebeGolden Vireo
Grey-faced or Grey-headed WoodpeckerGreen Oriole or Yellow OrioleGreat Green MacawGolden Whistler
Grey-headed SparrowGreen OropendolaGreat Grey OwlGolden White-eye
Grey-breasted or West. Yellow RobinGreen ParakeetGreat HornbillGolden-backed Bishop
Grey-headed GreenbulGreen PeafowlGreat Horned OwlGolden-backed Mountain-Tanager
Grey Crowned-CraneGreen Pygmy-gooseGreat Inca-FinchGolden-backed Weaver
Grey-crested TitGreen Racquet-tailGreat IoraGolden-backed Whistler
Grey-collared BecardGreen RosellaGreat JacamarGolden-bellied Flycatcher
Grey-headed WarblerGreen SandpiperGreat KiskadeeGolden-bellied Flyrobin
Grey HoneyeaterGreen Shrike-BabblerGreat KnotGolden-bellied Gerygone
Grey-eyed BulbulGreen Shrike-VireoGreat Lizard-CuckooGolden-bellied Grosbeak
Grey-and-chestnut SeedeaterGreen SunbirdGreat Pampa-FinchGolden-bellied Starfrontlet
Grey-headed DoveGreen ThorntailGreat ParrotbillGolden-bellied White-eye
Grey-headed Fish-EagleGreen TinkerbirdGreat Philippine EagleGolden-bellied or Cuzco Warbler
Grey-headed BroadbillGreen Violet-earGreat PotooGolden-billed Saltator
Grey Emu-tailGreen WoodhoopoeGreat Reed-WarblerGolden-breasted Fruiteater
Grey-breasted FlycatcherGreen-and-black FruiteaterGreat RosefinchGolden-breasted Fulvetta
Grey-cheeked WarblerGreen-and-gold TanagerGreat Rufous WoodcreeperGolden-breasted Puffleg
Grey Peacock-PheasantGreen-and-rufous KingfisherGreat SapphirewingGolden-breasted Starling
Grey-breasted SabrewingGreen-and-white HummingbirdGreat ShearwaterGolden-browed Chat-Tyrant
Grey-collared OrioleGreen-backed BecardGreat ShortwingGolden-browed Chlorophonia
Grey-headed PipritesGreen-backed BulbulGreat Shrike-TyrantGolden-browed Warbler
Grey LaughingthrushGreen-backed CamaropteraGreat SkuaGolden-capped Parakeet
Grey-necked BuntingGreen-backed EremomelaGreat Slaty WoodpeckerGolden-cheeked Warbler
Grey-capped CuckooGreen-backed FirecrownGreat SnipeGolden-cheeked Woodpecker
Grey AntbirdGreen-backed GerygoneGreat SpinetailGolden-chested Tanager
Grey-hooded SunbirdGreen-backed HoneyeaterGreat Spotted CuckooGolden-chevroned Tanager
Grey-backed HawkGreen-backed HoneyguideGreat Spotted KiwiGolden-collared Honeycreeper
Grey-headed Quail-DoveGreen-backed KingfisherGreat Spotted WoodpeckerGolden-collared Manakin
Grey-green Fruit-DoveGreen-backed RobinGreat Swallow-tailed SwiftGolden-collared Tanager
Grey-headed WoodpeckerGreen-backed SparrowGreat Thick-kneeGolden-collared Toucanet
Grey-capped WoodpeckerGreen-backed TitGreat ThrushGolden-collared Woodpecker
Grey BushchatGreen-backed TwinspotGreat TinamouGolden-crested Myna
Grey KestrelGreen-backed WhistlerGreat TitGolden-crowned Babbler
Grey-backed Storm-PetrelGreen-backed White-eyeGreat White PelicanGolden-crowned Emerald
Grey SibiaGreen-backed WoodpeckerGreat WoodswallowGolden-crowned Flycatcher
Grey-hooded WarblerGreen-barred WoodpeckerGreat XenopsGolden-crowned Kinglet
Grey WrenGreen-bellied HummingbirdGreat-billed HermitGolden-crowned Manakin
Grey ThrasherGreen-billed CoucalGreat-billed HeronGolden-crowned Spadebill
Grey-capped TyrannuletGreen-billed MalkohaGreat-billed ParrotGolden-crowned Sparrow
Grey FlycatcherGreen-breasted BushshrikeGreat-billed Seed-FinchGolden-crowned Tanager
Grey-breasted SeedsnipeGreen-breasted MangoGreat-tailed GrackleGolden-crowned Warbler
Grey HypocoliusGreen-breasted Mountain-gemGreat-winged PetrelGolden-crowned Woodpecker
Grey FalconGreen-breasted PittaGreater AdjutantGolden-eared Tanager
Grey-chested Jungle-FlycatcherGreen-capped TanagerGreater AmakihiGolden-faced Tyrannulet
Grey-headed BristlebillGreen-cheeked Bronze-CuckooGreater AniGolden-fronted Bowerbird
Grey-headed TanagerGreen-cheeked ParakeetGreater Antillean BullfinchGolden-fronted Fulvetta
Grey Plover or Black-bellied PloverGreen-chinned EuphoniaGreater Antillean ElaeniaGolden-fronted Greenlet
Grey-headed BullfinchGreen-crowned BrilliantGreater Antillean GrackleGolden-fronted Leafbird
Grey-headed HoneyeaterGreen-crowned LongbillGreater Antillean NightjarGolden-fronted Redstart
Grey-hooded FlycatcherGreen-crowned WoodnymphGreater Bird-of-paradiseGolden-fronted Woodpecker
Grey VireoGreen-eared BarbetGreater Black CoucalGolden-green White-eye
Grey-mantled WrenGreen-faced ParrotfinchGreater Blue-eared Glossy-StarlingGolden-green Woodpecker
Grey ApalisGreen-fronted Hanging-ParrotGreater Cape Verde KestrelGolden-headed Cisticola
Grey-crested HelmetshrikeGreen-fronted HummingbirdGreater CoucalGolden-headed Manakin
Grey TremblerGreen-fronted LancebillGreater Double-collared SunbirdGolden-headed Quetzal
Grey-headed SunbirdGreen-headed OrioleGreater FlamebackGolden-hooded Tanager
Grey-headed Canary-FlycatcherGreen-headed SunbirdGreater FlamingoGolden-mantled Racquet-tail
Grey-backed TachuriGreen-headed TanagerGreater Flower-piercerGolden-naped Barbet
Grey-and-gold WarblerGreen-naped TanagerGreater Green LeafbirdGolden-naped Tanager
Grey-headed KingfisherGreen-rumped ParrotletGreater Ground-robinGolden-naped Weaver
Grey-legged TinamouGreen-striped Brush-FinchGreater HoneyguideGolden-naped Woodpecker
Grey-fronted DoveGreen-tailed BristlebillGreater Hoopoe-LarkGolden-olive Woodpecker
Grey-bellied Shrike-TyrantGreen-tailed EmeraldGreater KestrelGolden-plumed Parakeet
Grey ParrotGreen-tailed GoldenthroatGreater Koa-FinchGolden-rumped Euphonia
Grey-rumped SwallowGreen-tailed Ground WarblerGreater MelampittaGolden-rumped Flowerpecker
Grey-headed Social-WeaverGreen-tailed JacamarGreater Necklaced LaughingthrushGolden-shouldered Parrot
Grey-breasted CrakeGreen-tailed SunbirdGreater Painted-snipeGolden-sided Euphonia
Grey Ground-ThrushGreen-tailed TowheeGreater PeweeGolden-spangled Piculet
Grey PratincoleGreen-tailed TrainbearerGreater Prairie-chickenGolden-spectacled Warbler
Grey-necked RockfowlGreen-throated CaribGreater Racket-tailed DrongoGolden-spotted Ground-Dove
Grey-hooded ParrotbillGreen-throated MangoGreater RheaGolden-tailed Parrotlet
Grey-headed BabblerGreen-throated Mountain-gemGreater RoadrunnerGolden-tailed Sapphire
Grey-breasted Wood-WrenGreen-throated SunbirdGreater Sand PloverGolden-tailed Woodpecker
Grey FantailGreen-winged PytiliaGreater ScaupGolden-throated Barbet
Grey-crowned PriniaGreen-winged SaltatorGreater SchiffornisGolden-tufted Grackle
Grey TealGreencap EremomelaGreater ScythebillGolden-winged Cacique
Grey-headed MuniaGreenish ElaeniaGreater Short-toed LarkGolden-winged Grosbeak
Grey CisticolaGreenish PufflegGreater Sooty-Owl or Sooty OwlGolden-winged Manakin
Grey CatbirdGreenish SchiffornisGreater Spotted EagleGolden-winged Parakeet
Grey HawkGreenish TyrannuletGreater Striped-SwallowGolden-winged Sparrow
Grey-crowned CrociasGreenish WarblerGreater Swamp-WarblerGolden-winged Sunbird
Grey-backed TernGreenish Yellow-FinchGreater ThornbirdGolden-winged Tody-Flycatcher

Other birds with a G as the first letter would be, for example, Gales, Gannets, Grebes, and Geese.

Gales is a kind of bird and it can be found in North America. They are migratory birds and they like to live near the coastlines.

Gannets also start with “g” and they live in the Northern Hemisphere. There are also different types of geese, such as the Greater White-fronted Goose that lives mostly in Europe or Canada, or other types such as Greylag Geese that live mainly in Australia!

Did you know that Grebes, a type of waterfowl that lives in North America and Canada, is actually unable to walk? If you’re interested, I wrote a whole article about birds that can fly but not walk!

Descriptions of 50 birds starting with a “G”:

Below are descriptions and pictures of a selection of the birds listed above.

Gabar Goshawk

A type of raptor that can be found in Africa and parts of Asia. Goshawks are considered to be one of the most powerful birds of prey due to their size and strength. And, finally, there’s also the Glossy Ibis which is a wading bird that can usually be found near wetlands or other freshwater habitats.

Photo from Wiki Commons.

Gabela Akalat

A type of passerine bird that is found in Angola and parts of Zambia. Akalats are shy birds and spend most of their time hiding between branches.

Gabon Boubou

A type of bird that can be found in Central Africa. There are different subspecies for this bird, but they all have brown upperparts and a white underside. The Gabon Boubou is known for its beautiful song and is considered to be a sacred bird in some cultures.

Gabon Coucal

A type of bird that can be found in Central Africa. The Gabon Coucal is known to look like a large black cuckoo.

Gabon Woodpecker

A type of woodpecker that can be found in Central Africa. The Gabon Woodpecker is the only species of woodpecker that is found in Gabon.


A type of duck that can be found in North America, Europe, and Asia.


A type of cockatoo that can be found in Australia. Galahs are known for their beautiful coloring, which includes different shades of pink and grey.

Garnet Robin

A type of passerine bird that can be found in Australia. The Garnet Robin is known for its beautiful red coloring, which includes patches on its head and back.

Garnet-throated Hummingbird

A type of hummingbird that can be found in Mexico, Central America, and Colombia. Like other hummingbirds, the Garnet-throated is a small colorful bird able to hover in the air.

Photo from eBird.com

Geelvink Pygmy-Parrot

A type of parrot that can be found in Indonesia. Geelvink Pygmy-Parrots are known for their bright yellow coloring.

Geelvink Scrubfowl

A type of bird that can be found in Indonesia. Geelvink Scrubfowls are most commonly known for their brown feathers with a reddish tint in their head.

Gentoo Penguin

A type of penguin that can be found in the Antarctic Ocean and Subantarctic Islands. Gentoo Penguins are known for their white feathers.


A type of bird that can be found in New Guinea. Geomalia are known for their bright red-orange feathers and yellow markings around their chest.

Giant Hummingbird

A type of hummingbird that can be found in the Andes Mountains. Giant Hummingbirds are the largest hummingbirds in the world.

Giant Ibis

A type of ibis that can be found in Southeast Asia. Giant Ibises are the largest members of the ibis family.

Giant Kingbird

A type of bird that can be found in the Caribbean. Giant Kingbirds are known for their large size and dark coloring with a light belly.

Giant Kingfisher

A type of bird that can be found in Africa, Asia, and Australia. Giant Kingfishers are known for their large size – being the largest kingfisher in the world!

Giant Laughingthrush

A type of bird that can be found in Southeast Asia. Giant Laughingthrushes are known for their large size and black coloring.

Photo from Wiki commons.

Giant Nuthatch

A type of nuthatch that can be found in the Himalayas. Giant Nuthatches are known for their large size and brown coloring. It is around 7 Inches (18.5 cm) in in length, whereas a normal North American Nuthatch is only around 6 inches (15 cm).

Giant Pitta

A type of bird that can be found in Southeast Asia. Giant Pittas are known for their beautiful blue coloring and large size.

Giant Snipe

A type of bird that can be found in Africa, Asia, and Australia. Giant Snipes are known for being the largest members of their family.

Giant Weaver

A type of bird that can be found in Africa. Giant Weavers are known for their bright coloring and large size; they actually have the largest nests in relation to their body size.

Giant White-eye

A type of bird that can be found in Southeast Asia. Giant White-eye are known for their beautiful blue coloring and large size.

Giant Wood-Rail

A type of bird that can be found in Central America. Giant Wood-Rails are known for their large size and brown coloring.

Giant Wren

A type of bird that can be found in Central America. Giant Wrens are known for their large size and brown coloring.


A type of bird that can be found in Australia. Gibberbirds are known for their small size and grey coloring, as well as the white stripe that runs down their head.

Gilded Flicker

A type of woodpecker that can be found in North America. Gilded Flickers are known for their black coloring with yellow wing markings.

Gila Woodpecker

A type of woodpecker that can be found in North America. Gila Woodpeckers are known for their black and white coloring, as well as the red marking on its head.


A type of bird that can be found in Europe and Asia. Goldcrests are known for their small size and bright yellow coloring.

Golden Bowerbird

A type of bird that can be found in Australia. Golden Bowerbirds are known for their beautiful coloring, as well as the decoration males build to impress their potential future Golden Bowerbird wife!

Golden Cuckooshrike

A type of bird that can be found in Africa. Golden Cuckooshrikes are known for their beautiful coloring and bright yellow feathers with dark wings.

Golden Dove

A type of bird that can be found in North America, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. Golden Doves are known for their beautiful golden feathers and green eye region.

Golden-crowned Sparrow

A type of bird that can be found in North America. Golden-crowned Sparrows are known for their beautiful yellow head feathers flanked by black.

Golden-crowned Tanager

A type of bird that can be found in Central America. Golden-crowned Tanagers are known for their beautiful coloring with bright blue and yellow features.

Gouldian Finch

A type of bird that can be found in Australia. Gouldian Finches are known for their bright red, purple and yellow coloring and black spots on the neck and face.

Grace’s Warblerace

This Warbler is a type of warbler that can be found in North America. Grace’s Warblers are known for their beautiful olive-grey coloring and yellow chest.

Graceful Honeyeateruerace

Graceful Honeyeaters are a type of honeyeater that can be found in Australia. Graceful Honeyeaters are known for their beautiful light olive and yellow color notes.

Great Argus

The Great Argus is are a type of pheasant that can be found in Southeast Asia. Great Argus are known for their beautiful and intricate plumage.

Great Auk

Great Auks are extinct but were a type of flightless bird that could be found in the North Atlantic. Great Auks are known for their black and white coloring.

Great Bowerbird

Bowerbirds are a type of bird that can be found in Australia. Great Bowers birds are known for their beautiful wing plumage.

Great Bittern

The Great Bittern is are a type of heron that can be found in the Northern Hemisphere. Great Bitterns are known for their camouflage.

Green Plovers

A type of bird that can be found in Africa. Greener Plovers are known for their beautiful coloring and red eye-ring.

Green Jay

Green Jays are a type of jay that can be found in the United States. Green Jays are known for their beautiful olive green coloring with a black and blue head.

Grey-headed Albatross

The Grey-headed albatross is a type of seabird that can be found in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Greylag Goose

The Greylag goose is a type of waterfowl that can be found in the Northern Hemisphere. The Greylag goose is known for it’s grey and white coloring with an orange beak and feet.


Grey Herons are a type of heron that can be found in Africa. Grey Herons are known for their beautiful black and white.

Grey Partridge

A type of bird that can be found in Europe. Grey Partridges are known for their brown and grey coloring.

Guira Cuckoo

A type of cuckoo that can be found in South America. Guira Cuckoos are known for their beautiful coloring and yellow stripe on the throat.

Gull-billed Tern

A type of seabird that can be found in the Southern Hemisphere. Gull-billed Terns are known for their beautiful dark coloring.

Gull Billed Tern | Gull billed Tern (Gelochelidon nilotica) | Aravind V |  Flickr

Complete list of Birds starting with a “G”

Below are 700 of the most common bird species starting with G compiled in a list:

  1. Grey-necked Wood-Rail
  2. Grey-backed Thrush
  3. Grey-necked Rockfowl
  4. Grey-bellied Spinetail
  5. Giant Snipe
  6. Green-fronted Lancebill
  7. Grey-throated Barbet
  8. Grey-breasted Martin
  9. Great White Pelican
  10. Guam Rail
  11. Giant Antshrike
  12. Green-throated Mountain-gem
  13. Guttulated Foliage-gleaner
  14. Golden Myna
  15. Grey-headed Canary-Flycatcher
  16. Gough Finch
  17. Grey-cheeked Tit-Babbler
  18. Grey Wagtail
  19. Grey-headed Babbler
  20. Greenish Yellow-Finch
  21. Galapagos Mockingbird
  22. Great Bustard
  23. Golden-naped Weaver
  24. Grey Monjita
  25. Grey-headed Greenbul
  26. Golden-cheeked Warbler
  27. Green-and-gold Tanager
  28. Glossy Flower-piercer
  29. Golden-tailed Woodpecker
  30. Green-tailed Goldenthroat
  31. Glossy-mantled Manucode
  32. Glaucous-winged Gull
  33. Green Aracari
  34. Green-and-black Fruiteater
  35. Guam Swiftlet
  36. Giant Wood-Rail
  37. Guadalupe Junco
  38. Golden-sided Euphonia
  39. Greater Short-toed Lark
  40. Grey-sided Thrush
  41. Guadeloupe Woodpecker
  42. Groundscraper Thrush
  43. Grey Plover or Black-bellied Plover
  44. Greater Pewee
  45. Grey-crowned Prinia
  46. Goldcrest
  47. Gold-naped Finch
  48. Great Swallow-tailed Swift
  49. Gurney’s Pitta
  50. Grey-bellied Goshawk
  51. Giant Coot
  52. Golden-winged Warbler
  53. Green Heron
  54. Giant Pitta
  55. Great Crested Grebe
  56. Golden-breasted Starling
  57. Golden-breasted Puffleg
  58. Grey-headed Honeyeater
  59. Green-striped Brush-Finch
  60. Grey-necked Bunting
  61. Grey-and-gold Tanager
  62. Grassland Sparrow
  63. Green Tinkerbird
  64. Golden-hooded Tanager
  65. Grey-naped Antpitta
  66. Greater Cape Verde Kestrel
  67. Greater White-fronted Goose
  68. Gould’s Bronze-Cuckoo
  69. Gorgeted Woodstar
  70. Gadwall
  71. Grey-capped Greenfinch
  72. Grey Francolin
  73. Grey-cheeked Grass-Finch
  74. Green Oriole or Yellow Oriole
  75. Grey-chested Jungle-Flycatcher
  76. Galapagos or Dark-rumped Petrel
  77. Golden-naped Tanager
  78. Golden-tailed Parrotlet
  79. Giant Nuthatch
  80. Glaucous Macaw
  81. Grey-backed Hawk
  82. Grey-headed Bulbul
  83. Grauer’s Warbler
  84. Green-and-white Hummingbird
  85. Grey-winged Trumpeter
  86. Glossy Antshrike
  87. Giant Antpitta
  88. Grasshopper Buzzard
  89. Greater Kestrel
  90. Glaucous Gull
  91. Golden Whistler
  92. Grey-chested Greenlet
  93. Glossy Black-Cockatoo
  94. Grey Gull
  95. Grey-crowned Munia
  96. Green-backed Gerygone
  97. Golden-bellied Gerygone
  98. Green Sunbird
  99. Grey Apalis
  100. Grey Greenbul
  101. Green Shrike-Vireo
  102. Green-headed Sunbird
  103. Grey Butcherbird
  104. Grey Pratincole
  105. Greater Roadrunner
  106. Grey-rumped Swift
  107. Goldenface
  108. Grey-breasted Spurfowl
  109. Gabon Boubou
  110. Greater Necklaced Laughingthrush
  111. Green-tailed Towhee
  112. Great Sapphirewing
  113. Great Antpitta
  114. Greater Sooty-Owl or Sooty Owl
  115. Glossy Ibis
  116. Green Parakeet
  117. Golden-browed Chat-Tyrant
  118. Grey-capped Tyrannulet
  119. Golden-bellied Grosbeak
  120. Grey-backed Storm-Petrel
  121. Grey-breasted Woodpecker
  122. Green-tailed Trainbearer
  123. Greater Whitethroat
  124. Greater Spotted Eagle
  125. Great-tailed Grackle
  126. Greater Swamp-Warbler
  127. Grand Munia
  128. Golden-spotted Ground-Dove
  129. Grey-headed Robin
  130. Guadalupe Storm-Petrel
  131. Golden Eagle
  132. Great Shearwater
  133. Grey-headed Kite
  134. Grey-winged Robin-Chat
  135. Grey-chinned Minivet
  136. Great Rufous Woodcreeper
  137. Golden-fronted Woodpecker
  138. Graceful Prinia
  139. Grey-headed Negrofinch
  140. Golden-winged Parakeet
  141. Golden Tanager
  142. Glossy-backed Becard
  143. Golden-crowned Tanager
  144. Golden-crowned Flycatcher
  145. Golden-crested Myna
  146. Great-billed Hermit
  147. Galah
  148. Green-headed Tanager
  149. Greenish Elaenia
  150. Grey Tinamou
  151. Grey-hooded Parrotbill
  152. Grey-and-buff Woodpecker
  153. Grey Elaenia
  154. Great Tinamou
  155. Great Green Macaw
  156. Grace’s Warbler
  157. Great-billed Seed-Finch
  158. Golden-tailed Sapphire
  159. Grey Ground-Thrush
  160. Great Spotted Kiwi
  161. Grey-winged Inca-Finch
  162. Grey-cheeked Fulvetta
  163. Grenada Dove
  164. Greater Wagtail-Tyrant
  165. Greater Coucal
  166. Green-and-rufous Kingfisher
  167. Green-throated Mango
  168. Giant Cowbird
  169. Garganey
  170. Great Spotted Woodpecker
  171. Greater Prairie-chicken
  172. Green Broadbill
  173. Grey Woodpecker
  174. Gould’s Jewelfront
  175. Great Jacamar
  176. Grey-headed Kingfisher
  177. Gould’s Toucanet
  178. Grant’s Bluebill
  179. Grey-bellied Antbird
  180. Giant Kingfisher
  181. Great Reed-Warbler
  182. Grey Junglefowl
  183. Great Curassow
  184. Green Shrike-Babbler
  185. Golden-fronted Redstart
  186. Golden Cuckooshrike
  187. Grey Parrot
  188. Grey-cheeked Warbler
  189. Grey-winged Blackbird
  190. Grey-headed Quail-Dove
  191. Grey-headed Sparrow
  192. Grey-headed Broadbill
  193. Grey Sibia
  194. Grey-crowned Palm-Tanager
  195. Gilt-edged Tanager
  196. Graceful Honeyeater
  197. Great Blue Heron
  198. Grey-tailed Mountain-gem
  199. Geelvink Pygmy-Parrot
  200. Grey-throated Babbler
  201. Grey-headed Parakeet
  202. Great Crested Flycatcher
  203. Greater Double-collared Sunbird
  204. Grey-headed Antbird
  205. Gang-gang Cockatoo
  206. Gundlach’s Hawk
  207. Green-barred Woodpecker
  208. Green-cheeked Parakeet
  209. Green-billed Malkoha
  210. Grey-headed Whistler
  211. Great Iora
  212. Great-winged Petrel
  213. Green-backed Whistler
  214. Green Mango
  215. Greater Bird-of-paradise
  216. Gorgeted Sunangel
  217. Grey-bellied Flower-piercer
  218. Grey-hooded Attila
  219. Greater Antillean Bullfinch
  220. Greyish Mourner
  221. Golden-rumped Flowerpecker
  222. Grey-headed Oliveback
  223. Glossy Swiftlet
  224. Grey Emu-tail
  225. Greater Racket-tailed Drongo
  226. Golden-headed Cisticola
  227. Giant Conebill
  228. Golden Swallow
  229. Grey-rumped Swallow
  230. Grey-capped Cuckoo
  231. Grey Antbird
  232. Grey Vireo
  233. Guam Flycatcher
  234. Golden-winged Sparrow
  235. Guianan Red-Cotinga
  236. Ground Woodpecker
  237. Grass-green Tanager
  238. Grey-headed Social-Weaver
  239. Grauer’s Broadbill
  240. Greenish Schiffornis
  241. Green-crowned Woodnymph
  242. Golden-fronted Leafbird
  243. Grey Peacock-Pheasant
  244. Gray’s Malimbe
  245. Gillett’s Lark
  246. Grey-headed Sunbird
  247. Golden-bellied Flycatcher
  248. Gould’s Frogmouth
  249. Galapagos Heron
  250. Grey Seedeater
  251. Grey-throated Rail
  252. Grey-hooded White-eye
  253. Ghana Cuckooshrike
  254. Grey Treepie
  255. Grey-backed Tachuri
  256. Greyish Miner
  257. Grey Wren
  258. Giant Ibis
  259. Green-naped Tanager
  260. Great Hornbill
  261. Great Elaenia
  262. Golden-collared Toucanet
  263. Golden-crowned Manakin
  264. Grey-capped Hemispingus
  265. Garnet-throated Hummingbird
  266. Great Rosefinch
  267. Golden-breasted Fulvetta
  268. Gilded Hummingbird
  269. Green-backed Bulbul
  270. Grey-headed Warbler
  271. Grey-winged Longbill
  272. Grey-green Bushshrike
  273. Greencap Eremomela
  274. Grey Silky-flycatcher
  275. Garden Emerald
  276. Golden-bellied Starfrontlet
  277. Grey-throated Chat
  278. Glow-throated Hummingbird
  279. Gabela Akalat
  280. Grey Falcon
  281. Green Hylia
  282. Great Frigatebird
  283. Grey-olive Greenbul
  284. Goeldi’s Antbird
  285. Gold-whiskered Barbet
  286. Guatemalan Pygmy-Owl
  287. Grey-chinned Hermit
  288. Grey Catbird
  289. Green Indigobird
  290. Green-breasted Bushshrike
  291. Green-throated Sunbird
  292. Grey-breasted or West. Yellow Robin
  293. Gabon Coucal
  294. Gould’s Shortwing
  295. Grey-crowned Rosy-Finch
  296. Greater Yellow-headed Vulture
  297. Greater Koa-Finch
  298. Greater Antillean Grackle
  299. Grey-headed Imperial-Pigeon
  300. Great Philippine Eagle
  301. Grey-crested Helmetshrike
  302. Grey-headed Spinetail
  303. Green-breasted Mango
  304. Green Jery
  305. Grey Thrasher
  306. Grey-headed Lovebird
  307. Golden Pipit
  308. Grey-brown White-eye
  309. Green-capped Tanager
  310. Grey Swiftlet
  311. Grey-crowned Yellowthroat
  312. Great Shortwing
  313. Golden-browed Warbler
  314. Green Sandpiper
  315. Grey-headed Bristlebill
  316. Green-throated Carib
  317. Grey-headed Parrotbill
  318. Grey-backed Tailorbird
  319. Guaiabero
  320. Grey-cheeked Thrush
  321. Grey-tailed Tattler
  322. Green Figbird
  323. Great Bowerbird
  324. Great Xenops
  325. Giant White-eye
  326. Golden-winged Manakin
  327. Grey Nightjar
  328. Golden-shouldered Parrot
  329. Gold-billed Magpie
  330. Grey-bellied Bulbul
  331. Green Pygmy-goose
  332. Green-backed Robin
  333. Greenish Puffleg
  334. Grenada Flycatcher
  335. Grey-striped Francolin
  336. Giant Coua
  337. Green Barbet
  338. Golden-winged Tody-Flycatcher
  339. Grey Shrike-thrush
  340. Golden-winged Grosbeak
  341. Green Magpie or Common Green Magpie
  342. Greater Amakihi
  343. Green Hermit
  344. Grasshopper Sparrow
  345. Garden Warbler
  346. Grey Kestrel
  347. Grey-hooded Sunbird
  348. Grey Hawk
  349. Green Manakin
  350. Golden-bellied or Cuzco Warbler
  351. Gold-ringed Tanager
  352. Green Cochoa
  353. Glistening-green Tanager
  354. Grey-breasted Flycatcher
  355. Grey-crested Finch
  356. Grey-and-white Tyrannulet
  357. Giant Wren
  358. Golden Pheasant
  359. Golden-backed Weaver
  360. Golden-bellied White-eye
  361. Ground Parrot
  362. Grey-breasted Partridge
  363. Great Shrike-Tyrant
  364. Grey-breasted Mountain-Toucan
  365. Grey Hypocolius
  366. Green-backed Firecrown
  367. Greater Black Coucal
  368. Goldie’s Lorikeet
  369. Grosbeak Weaver
  370. Green-tailed Jacamar
  371. Grey-flanked Cinclodes
  372. Grey-headed Cuckooshrike
  373. Greater Flameback
  374. Greater Yellowlegs
  375. Guadalcanal Thicketbird
  376. Geelvink Scrubfowl
  377. Grey-headed Bushshrike
  378. Green Bee-eater
  379. Greater Blue-eared Glossy-Starling
  380. Grey Teal
  381. Guanay Cormorant
  382. Green-fronted Hanging-Parrot
  383. Grey-mantled Wren
  384. Green Iora
  385. Green Catbird
  386. Gouldian Finch
  387. Grey-headed Gull
  388. Grey-collared Becard
  389. Great Cormorant
  390. Grey-winged Cotinga
  391. Greater Scaup
  392. Golden-fronted Greenlet
  393. Grey-sided Bush-Warbler
  394. Great Eared-Nightjar
  395. Greater Melampitta
  396. Grey-bellied Cuckoo
  397. Grey Gerygone
  398. Grey Imperial-Pigeon
  399. Greater Flamingo
  400. Grey-cheeked Parakeet
  401. Grey Friarbird
  402. Great Lizard-Cuckoo
  403. Grey-crowned Flycatcher
  404. Grimwood’s Longclaw
  405. Golden Greenbul
  406. Guayaquil Woodpecker
  407. Greenish Warbler
  408. Grey-rumped Treeswift
  409. Golden-bellied Flyrobin
  410. Great Dusky Swift
  411. Guianan Piculet
  412. Greater Schiffornis
  413. Green-backed Honeyguide
  414. Grey-breasted Laughingthrush
  415. Green Kingfisher
  416. Grey-crowned Woodpecker
  417. Great Thrush
  418. Grey-breasted Crake
  419. Grey-headed Silverbill
  420. Green-winged Pytilia
  421. Great Grebe
  422. Grey-headed Albatross
  423. Great Woodswallow
  424. Goliath Heron
  425. Gorgeted Wood-Quail
  426. Greater Painted-snipe
  427. Grey-chested Dove
  428. Golden-headed Manakin
  429. Green-breasted Mountain-gem
  430. Grey-headed Batis
  431. Green-faced Parrotfinch
  432. Gilded Flicker
  433. Giant Kingbird
  434. Godlewski’s Bunting
  435. Green Longtail
  436. Grey Crowned-Crane
  437. Grey-headed Bullfinch
  438. Greater Striped-Swallow
  439. Grey-headed Piprites
  440. Grey-breasted Prinia
  441. Golden-crowned Woodpecker
  442. Great Auk
  443. Greater Scythebill
  444. Grey-green Fruit-Dove
  445. Grauer’s Scrub-Warbler
  446. Green-backed Woodpecker
  447. Great Skua
  448. Green Woodhoopoe
  449. Golden White-eye
  450. Grayson’s Thrush
  451. Gould’s Sunbird
  452. Great Knot
  453. Grey-headed Goshawk
  454. Grey Honeyeater
  455. Green Imperial-Pigeon
  456. Great Bittern
  457. Guianan Toucanet
  458. Grey Wren-Warbler
  459. Grey-crowned Babbler
  460. Green-breasted Pitta
  461. Green-cheeked Bronze-Cuckoo
  462. Grey-faced Buzzard
  463. Grey-backed Fiscal
  464. Gray’s Grasshopper-Warbler
  465. Great Kiskadee
  466. Gilbert’s Whistler
  467. Great Blue Turaco
  468. Greater Honeyguide
  469. Grey-throated Warbler
  470. Grey-eyed Bulbul
  471. Green Junglefowl
  472. Greater Ani
  473. Grey-tailed Piha
  474. Golden Palm Weaver
  475. Gila Woodpecker
  476. Golden-olive Woodpecker
  477. Grey-headed Lapwing
  478. Grey-headed Woodpecker
  479. Gyrfalcon
  480. Giant Hummingbird
  481. Greater Yellownape
  482. Green Crombec
  483. Grey-breasted Sabrewing
  484. Golden-eared Tanager
  485. Greater Antillean Nightjar
  486. Green Racquet-tail
  487. Green-crowned Brilliant
  488. Grey-headed Dove
  489. Green-fronted Hummingbird
  490. Golden-plumed Parakeet
  491. Green-backed Twinspot
  492. Great Snipe
  493. Green Jay
  494. Great Cuckoo-Dove
  495. Green-backed Camaroptera
  496. Golden-winged Cacique
  497. Golden-fronted Bowerbird
  498. Great-billed Parrot
  499. Grey-breasted Spiderhunter
  500. Golden-browed Chlorophonia
  501. Golden Monarch
  502. Grey-banded Munia
  503. Grey-bellied Tesia
  504. Gull-billed Tern
  505. Grey-crowned Crocias
  506. Ground Cuckooshrike
  507. Grand Cayman Thrush
  508. Golden Bush-Robin
  509. Green-backed Honeyeater
  510. Green-bellied Hummingbird
  511. Golden-green Woodpecker
  512. Greater Adjutant
  513. Great Parrotbill
  514. Great-billed Heron
  515. Grey-barred Wren
  516. Golden Bowerbird
  517. Grey-cheeked Nunlet
  518. Golden-breasted Fruiteater
  519. Geomalia
  520. Guadalupe Caracara
  521. Golden-rumped Euphonia
  522. Grey-crested Tit
  523. Grey Partridge
  524. Golden-spangled Piculet
  525. Grey Currawong
  526. Golden-faced Tyrannulet
  527. Glittering-bellied Emerald
  528. Golden Vireo
  529. Grey-headed Fruit-Dove
  530. Golden-collared Honeycreeper
  531. German’s Swiftlet
  532. Giant Laughingthrush
  533. Great Black-backed Gull
  534. Grey-crowned Greenbul
  535. Great Black-headed or Pallas’s Gull
  536. Green-chinned Euphonia
  537. Gurney’s Eagle
  538. Grey Trembler
  539. Gentoo Penguin
  540. Great Slaty Woodpecker
  541. Golden-crowned Kinglet
  542. Green Rosella
  543. Grey-fronted Honeyeater
  544. Grey-throated White-eye
  545. Golden Nightjar
  546. Grey-backed Sparrow-Lark
  547. Grey-headed Munia
  548. Great Inca-Finch
  549. Golden-crowned Babbler
  550. Golden-billed Saltator
  551. Green-backed Becard
  552. Green-backed Tit
  553. Grey Tapaculo
  554. Golden-naped Woodpecker
  555. Garnet Pitta
  556. Great Spotted Cuckoo
  557. Grey Antwren
  558. Galapagos Rail
  559. Ganongga White-eye
  560. Golden-tufted Grackle
  561. Guira Tanager
  562. Green Peafowl
  563. Grey-sided Laughingthrush
  564. Grey-eyed Greenlet
  565. Golden-backed Mountain-Tanager
  566. Greater Yellow-Finch
  567. Grey-hooded Flycatcher
  568. Green-backed Sparrow
  569. Green-rumped Parrotlet
  570. Grey-legged Tinamou
  571. Grey Bushchat
  572. Great Potoo
  573. Guianan Cock-of-the-rock
  574. Grey-hooded Parakeet
  575. Great Tit
  576. Green-backed Kingfisher
  577. Great Spinetail
  578. Grey-faced Tit-Babbler
  579. Grassland Yellow-Finch
  580. Grey-green Scrubwren
  581. Grey-throated Greenbul
  582. Green Ibis
  583. Green-crowned Longbill
  584. Grey-streaked Flycatcher
  585. Golden-crowned Sparrow
  586. Grey-headed Chachalaca
  587. Grand Comoro Brush-Warbler
  588. Grey Goshawk
  589. Golden Parrotbill
  590. Gambel’s Quail
  591. Golden-crowned Warbler
  592. Goldbreast Indigobird
  593. Golden-collared Manakin
  594. Grey-and-chestnut Seedeater
  595. Goliath Coucal
  596. Grey-lined Hawk
  597. Grey-fronted Dove
  598. Gibberbird
  599. Golden-green White-eye
  600. Great Grey Owl
  601. Glowing Puffleg
  602. Giant Babax
  603. Green-backed Eremomela
  604. Golden-headed Quetzal
  605. Grey-backed Tern
  606. Glossy-black Thrush
  607. Greylag Goose
  608. Golden-fronted Fulvetta
  609. Giant Weaver
  610. Golden-backed Whistler
  611. Green-headed Oriole
  612. Green Violet-ear
  613. Glaucous Tanager
  614. Golden-throated Barbet
  615. Greyish Piculet
  616. Grandala
  617. Grey-capped Flycatcher
  618. Gansu Leaf-Warbler
  619. Golden-cheeked Woodpecker
  620. Great Egret
  621. Grey-breasted Wood-Wren
  622. Giant Honeyeater
  623. Great Antshrike
  624. Golden-collared Tanager
  625. Gosling’s Apalis
  626. Grey-sided Flowerpecker
  627. Grey-hooded Warbler
  628. Green-billed Coucal
  629. Green-tailed Sunbird
  630. Grey-bellied Shrike-Tyrant
  631. Goldie’s Bird-of-paradise
  632. Green-winged Saltator
  633. Grey-rumped Swiftlet
  634. Great Thick-knee
  635. Golden Babbler
  636. Grey-winged Francolin
  637. Great Argus
  638. Great Horned Owl
  639. Green-eared Barbet
  640. Greater Green Leafbird
  641. Guadalcanal Honeyeater
  642. Galapagos Dove
  643. Grey-throated Leaftosser
  644. Greater Sand Plover
  645. Golden-crowned Emerald
  646. Grey-collared Oriole
  647. Garnet Robin
  648. Great Black-Hawk
  649. Galapagos Penguin
  650. Grey Petrel
  651. Garden Bulbul
  652. Green-tailed Bristlebill
  653. Guira Cuckoo
  654. Greater Antillean Elaenia
  655. Grey Cisticola
  656. Galapagos Hawk
  657. Grey-faced or Grey-headed Woodpecker
  658. Greenish Tyrannulet
  659. Green Oropendola
  660. Grey Jay
  661. Grey Heron
  662. Grey-cheeked Bulbul
  663. Great Barbet
  664. Green Avadavat
  665. Grey-hooded Bush-Tanager
  666. Grey-necked Friarbird
  667. Green-tailed Emerald
  668. Gray’s Lark
  669. Greater Thornbird
  670. Grey-bellied Comet
  671. Grey Tit
  672. Grey Longbill
  673. Great Crested-Tern or Crested Tern
  674. Germain’s Peacock-Pheasant
  675. Glittering-throated Emerald
  676. Grey Laughingthrush
  677. Golden-chevroned Tanager
  678. Green Honeycreeper
  679. Grey Fantail
  680. Grey Cuckooshrike
  681. Golden-naped Barbet
  682. Golden-spectacled Warbler
  683. Grey-breasted Seedsnipe
  684. Golden-chested Tanager
  685. Gabon Woodpecker
  686. Golden-winged Sunbird
  687. Guianan Gnatcatcher
  688. Greyish Saltator
  689. Grey-cheeked Green-Pigeon
  690. Grey-backed Shrike
  691. Grey Grasswren
  692. Grey-capped Warbler
  693. Greater Flower-piercer
  694. Groove-billed Toucanet
  695. Greater Rhea
  696. Grey Go-away-bird
  697. Grey Bunting
  698. Golden-mantled Racquet-tail
  699. Golden Dove
  700. Grey Tit-Flycatcher


I hope you enjoyed reading about all the birds with the letter “G” as the fist letter in their name. If you are interested, I have many more posts about birds in the wild and in your backyard here on my blog.

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